How brands can ensure their product videos reach the right audience

Insights Team

Brands love creating product videos, and this type of content has never been more essential. In fact, 60% of businesses spend more than 25% of their marketing budget on video. But how can brands ensure their product videos reach the right audience?

After the expense of product video production, it can be a massive lowering to your ROI if video distribution is neglected or mismanaged. One of the main platforms through which consumers encounter brands' product video content are resellers' online stores. This is why brands should put more focus on getting their videos where they have the most impact – right next to the add-to-cart button on resellers' pages.

Let's explore three vital but simple tips to help you get your videos where they matter.

Tip #1💡

Automatic distribution is the best way to make sure your product videos end up exactly where you want them

Challenge: Don't let video distribution be your downfall

Brands tend to focus on social media when distributing video content. That's all well and good but you don't know what level of interest social media users have in your product. So it's crucial to get your product videos to where the most relevant audiences are – online resellers' product pages. Visitors here have an engagement with the product. And the right product video can nudge them into a purchase.

For brands already aware of the importance of resellers' pages, they're likely distributing their video content manually. This can be a real headache, with many hours of manual work, Excel edginess and unanswered emails. Trying to convince busy resellers to prioritize your video content in their hectic day-to-day operations is not an easy endeavor.

Solution: Automate the process

The ultimate way for brands to finally take control of their video content and make sure resellers are displaying up-to-date videos for the right markets? It's all about automating the entire distribution service, which means also making it effortless for the resellers. Luckily, Videoly for Brands does just that, ensuring brands' video content gets to resellers' pages through seamless content connectivity. You simply upload the videos to Videoly for Brands once, map them to the correct products, and we take care of the rest, connecting the videos directly to resellers' product pages.

Tip #2💡

Optimal video placement transforms viewers into customers

Challenge: Poor video placement

Next, the thorny issue of video placement on a reseller's product pages. Brands have no guarantee that their precious video content won't end up hidden at the bottom of the page, far from the product description and the add-to-cart button.

Solution: Get your video into pole position

You want your video embedded in the optimal location on a reseller's page. This will often be near the top of the page and next to the product description.

This also keeps the buyer's journey as frictionless as possible, making it easy for customers to justify the decision to hit the add-to-cart button. But how can you make sure this happens? Well, Videoly embeds the video right in the premium page position.

Tip #3💡️

Analytics gives you control of your product video content, now and in the future

Challenge: Without analytics, how can brands know how their video content's performing?

The short answer is – they can't. In an ideal world, data would drive all content marketing decisions. Brands' product videos should be no different. But because of the lack of control that brands have over their video content once it's sent out to resellers, it can feel a little like taking a shot at a target with a blindfold on. Brands have no insight into how their videos are being watched or their performance. It's mighty difficult to know how to enhance your future video content if you don't have past performance to guide you.

Solution: Finally, brands can get the data that makes the difference

Brands need data to make sure their future product video decisions are the right ones. But how are you going to get hold of this? Videoly for Brands gives full insight into essential metrics, such as video watch time and how frequently videos are viewed.