The product videos that made consumers press play in 2021

Insights Team
What makes a perfect product video? We took a peek at what product videos were among the most popular with online consumers.

Ever wondered what makes a perfect product video? Sharp visuals and rich product information are surely a few of the ingredients. Perhaps most importantly, great product videos come with great narratives, the kind that compel consumers to make the journey from watching a video to clicking the add-to-cart button. A recent survey discovered 94% of respondents found viewing a video helped them make a purchase decision.

Why online product videos are perfectly placed in the evolution of e-commerce

The last two years have seen a transformation in consumer behavior. The surge in digital shopping behaviors has also been reflected in online video content. The amount of videos people watch online has nearly doubled since 2018.

2021’s best product videos

We gathered our data from 2021* and took a peek at what product videos were among the most popular with online consumers. It’s a diverse bunch, so we’ve broken the videos down by popularity, genre and verticals.
*All data collected from Videoly’s client base across the entirety of 2021

These videos are among the most watched online product videos of last year. This list covers a wide area of products and industries, showing the success of product videos no matter the market. Rich information is the key here. Online consumers only have to hit the play button to find out the essentials on a product of interest.

2021’s best product videos are:

  1. Outnorth AB
    URBERG visits Cecilia on Svalbard
  2. Samsung
    2020 Crystal UHD: Incredibly clear colors | Samsung
  3. Roborock
    Introducing the Roborock S5 Max
  4. EGLO Leuchten
    EGLO Novelties 2020
  5. bluesign technologies
    bluesign system clip
  6. ElectroluxUS
    Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Cordless Vacuum
  7. RyobiTV
    Ryobi ONE+ Garden Tools Range - 100+ Tools. One Battery.
  8. Create your World Ltd
    an easy guide to sticky back plastic by d c fix
  9. GROHE America
    GROHE | StarLight | Consumer Review
  10. Samsung
    Samsung Top Freezer Refrigerator: No Frost

Every one of these videos has something in common: regardless of product or market, they display the elements that make product videos essential for online stores.

The GROHE Starlight consumer review is packed with facts as is Electrolux’s Ergorapido cordless vacuum cleaner introduction. Both great examples of product videos at their informative best, helping consumers make the purchase decision that’s right for them.

URBERG’s visit to Svalbrad gives a glimpse into an otherworldly location. EGLO’s video is full of movement, lights and excitement, bringing their product to life.

Ryobi One+ Garden Tools presentation introduces consumers to the product range in a fun and upbeat way. Samsung’s Crystal UHD introduction wows viewers with its vivid visuals. And the Roborock S5 video shows the product in action, making it easy for consumers to envision how this product could work in their own home space.

And of course, product videos are awesome at explaining to consumers exactly how things work while also uncovering interesting facts. Bluesign’s system clip intro does this brilliantly. Looking for great examples of simple explainers? Samsung’s frostless freezer intro gives browsers all the essential info, nothing more. And D C Fix’s intro to sticky back plastic is like a mini-masterclass in fact-filled product video.

A selection of top verticals by video views

Every vertical had massive video views throughout 2021: here are four of the most successful verticals.

Electronics: 43.9M views
Sales of consumer electronics rose in many global markets last year, so it’s no surprise to see electronics performed brilliantly in terms of product video views

Tools and Garden: 25M views
Travel restrictions and the shift for some to working from home may have played a part in this vertical’s success, with many consumers eager to carry out home and garden improvements.

Sports and Outdoor: 14.6M views
Again, consumers keen to use stay-at-home and outdoors time in a productive manner were aided by informative product videos.

Beauty: 10.5M views
If there’s a vertical uniquely suited to video, it’s beauty: consumers need to see how the product looks in a way that only moving images can capture.