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Nelly & Videoly
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Was launched in 2004 and has since then expanded rapidly, becoming a leading player in online fashion for style and beauty conscious young women.


Is a Nordic market-leading video technology for online retailers offering relevant hand-picked product videos in scale.

By automatically finding and curating existing video content online and integrating it directly to product pages, Videoly helps Nelly provide richer product information, a more engaging customer experience, and increased sales.

The collaboration started with cosmetics products and has since expanded to other categories as well.


How to improve the shopping experience in beauty e‑commerce?

When purchasing beauty products online, the challenge is that a beautiful picture of the tube or bottle doesn't tell anything about what you can do with the product.

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When purchasing beauty products online, the challenge is that a beautiful picture of the tube or bottle doesn't tell anything about what you can do with the product.

Beauty consumers long to see what kind of an end result you can achieve, which is why they frequently search for reviews and how-to videos online before making the purchase decision.

Videos can create a story around the product and provide the buyer with unique insight into the characteristics of a product, such as how it looks and works as well as giving tips on how to use it. This is especially the case for user-generated videos, which give valuable information about the product in action. Hearing another person's review on the product increases trust and often gives confidence to make the purchase decision.

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" With Videoly, you get to see the products in motion on an ordinary person in every angle possible. Everyone knows somewhere in the back of their head that the usual still pictures are photographed in a studio with the right light etc. Videoly makes the shopping experience more realistic for the customer "

Daniel Burman

Performance Marketing Specialist,


Get videos to where the purchase decisions are made

Videoly provides online stores a flow of relevant product videos, such as how-to videos, reviews and product tutorials, directly to their product pages. All videos are human-reviewed by Videoly's team.

The importance of videos is evident for many online retailers, but getting videos to the product pages is often challenging. Finding, checking, embedding, and keeping videos up-to-date takes a lot of resources.

With Videoly, Nelly was able to get thousands of hand‑picked brand and user‑generated videos to their product pages without any effort required from Nelly!

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Videos on Nelly's cosmetics products*

  • 59%
    Video coverage on cosmetics
  • 1 336
    Cosmetics products with videos
  • 2 476
    Videos on cosmetics products

If estimated that finding and adding one video takes 10 minutes, adding 2 476 of videos would take roughly 413 hours doing it in‑house

What Videoly does

  • Finding
    the videos
  • Qualifying
    the content
  • Technical
  • No broken
  • Insightful

Videoly can scan your store to determine the amount of video content available for your shop.



MyVideoly gives full visibility to all videos on the store

Nelly found the video management tool MyVideoly easy and effortless to use. The team can see and control the videos through their personal account, and for example adding and disabling videos is quick and straightforward.

Nelly also puts a lot of effort into producing their own video content.

With Videoly, they are able to effortlessly get their own videos to the product pages, having the videos always visible where the purchase decisions are made!


Videoly provides valuable statistics on the videos

Nelly gets insightful analytics on the videos on a regular basis in both MyVideoly and via Videoly's monthly reports. In addition, Videoly sends events to Google Analytics, where it's also possible to follow the impact of videos on sales and other metrics. Nelly's own data shows a significant improvement in conversion for those who have watched a video.

Time spent on site*

10 679
Video views per month
155 h
Time spent on site
52 sec
Average time per
video view

Boost to add-to-cart conversion*


The boost to add‑to‑cart conversion data is calculated by comparing the add‑to‑cart conversion rate of the visitors who didn't watch videos to the add‑to‑cart conversion rate of the visitors who watched videos.

* All data presented in this case study is data collected by Videoly from, April 2020.

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" It increases your conversion rate! The added customer value, increased engagement and time on site were of course big additional perks for us "

Daniel Burman

Performance Marketing Specialist,

Let's create a success story together

Interested in knowing if Videoly could cover your products with videos? Videoly can scan your store to determine the amount of video content available for your shop.