Videoly is the easiest way to cover your online store with video content. By automatically embedding videos to your product pages, Videoly helps provide richer product information, a more engaging customer experience, and increased sales.

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How it works

Videoly makes use of all the product-related video content already available on the internet – and integrates it directly to your product pages. Our service has four main components: Discovery, Curation, Embedding, and MyVideoly.

1. Video sourcing

What videos does Videoly find?

Videoly’s search engine matches your products with videos from the internet. The JavaScript Tag implemented on the product page template sends Videoly the product information, and our automated search tool then looks for related videos from our database and the internet.

2. Content curation

How we ensure quality

All discovered videos are curated in order to validate the content and suitability of the video. All new videos end up in the content curation queue, and each video is both technically and manually validated before it ends up in Videoly’s database.

We check:

  • Technical quality
  • Length. Videos shouldn’t be too long or too short
  • Content is appropriate for online stores
  • The video is about the right product
  • Message is positive
  • No 3rd party online stores are advertised

3. Video embedding

The intelligent Videoly widget

Videoly takes care of the technical embedding of videos to product pages. The Videoly widget takes into consideration all of the typical pitfalls in video embedding. No manual work is needed in configuring the videos or ensuring content availability.

  • Works in all browsers
  • Works equally well in desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Automatically checks that the video is still available and
 playable, so there are no broken links

4. MyVideoly

Manage and control your video content

MyVideoly is your store specific video portal.

MyVideoly gives you access and control to all the video content added to your store. You can easily remove and add content yourself, track performance and search for products and videos.

Easy integration

Follow these easy steps to implement Videoly to your store:

1. Contact the Videoly team to get the JavaScript tag

2. Implement the tag to the product page template

3. Videos start
to appear

Login to MyVideoly to access your content.


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