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It's about the journey

Sergey had a hunch. Shopping was moving online and the consumption of videos was growing. Sergey thought that product videos would make shopping online more fun and help to decide on products. If only it would be made easy for the retailers. Which he did and started Videoly.

Nora joined him as a co-founder to build the business side of the company. She was really impressed about Sergey as a person; he was radically honest, highly intelligent and profoundly kind at the same time. And he had built a great product!

Nora is passionate about building a great company that does not only benefit the life of its customers but also its employees. It is the standard Tuesday that defines the quality of our lives.
Videoly founders
The two founders are tied together by common values
which are the foundation of Videoly's culture.
Keeping it human is important for us. We value each team member for the whole of who they are. Being a human includes having good and bad days. They are both welcome in our office.
Videoly HQ kitchen
In a growth company your area of responsibility is constantly growing and thus the role should be based on your strengths and things you enjoy doing. We believe work should be fun.
There lives a little entrepreneur in each of our team member. Everyone acts as an entrepreneur in their own field. Freedom and responsibility. We believe decisions should be made where the best information is.
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Videoly team members
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Without honesty there is no development. But everyone needs to feel safe and valued in order for honest discussions to take place. Furthermore we appreciate honesty towards yourself. Self-awareness and reflection skills are warmly welcomed.
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