How video can impact your online sales

Neglecting having rich video content on product pages is like leaving money on the table. Learn about the advantages of automating your product video distribution.
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The magic of video

Boost your videos' impact by putting them front and center on your online store and resellers' product pages—right where your customers make their purchasing decisions.

Try our calculator to see how you could benefit of automating video distribution to product detail pages (PDPs).
Boost conversion and engagement
Results from A/B tests with our customers reveal that strategically placing videos above the fold on PDPs can enhance conversion rates, ranging from approximately +5% to +10% on average.

Stores incorporating video also experience better engagement metrics, with data showing increased page and product exploration per session, extended time spent on the site, and reduced bounce and exit rates.
Save money thanks to automation
Managing video distribution to resellers' product pages manually is a tough job. A video content syndication platform simplifies how your videos are shared, showcased, and measured.

The best part? You won't need to lift a finger, ensuring your videos have maximum impact, precisely where it counts.

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Before using Videoly for Brands, video distribution could take up to one year – now we can see the video live on a reseller’s page within 24 hours. This is a huge boost to our video content.
Marc Jørgensen
Digital Lead, Nordlux
Why it's crucial to automate your video distribution
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