Why it's crucial to automate your product video distribution to resellers

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In today's competitive market, having a solid video distribution strategy in place is essential, not just a nice-to-have. 

Why? Producing high-quality videos is not only a test of creativity but also a significant investment, and the real challenge lies in ensuring your videos do more than merely gather digital dust on YouTube or social media.

Neglecting product video syndication is like leaving money on the table, diminishing the return on your investment. 

Your videos need to land right where your customers are making their purchasing decisions – embedded seamlessly in the product pages of both your online store and your resellers, the latter often being the more challenging piece of the puzzle. 

So, how do you ensure your videos are not just seen but also drive sales and bolster brand loyalty, all without draining your time and resources? 

Let's explore the benefits of automating this vital component of your content marketing strategy.

How videos have the power to impact your channel sales 

We all understand the appeal of engaging videos, but here’s a lesser-known trick: leveraging them strategically across your online sales channels can significantly help grow your reach and boost your conversion rates.

Videos keep shoppers engaged with your products

The product pages of your resellers' online stores should not be overlooked; think of them as one type of shop window to the world. Ensuring this window provides accurate and inspiring content keeps your customers engaged. 

Videos, as a powerful storytelling medium, are great for this purpose.

Videos placed in prominent places in online stores not only increase time spent by visitors, getting them more acquainted with your products, but also reduce exit rates. Our research also shows that video viewers typically explore more pages and products per session.

This enhanced engagement with your products is a first step towards boosting sales.

Videos provide your shoppers with accurate product information

Videos are not just engaging; they are an invaluable tool for showcasing your products.

Imagine your customers viewing a video that demonstrates the setup or functionality of a product right on your webpage. This approach not only entertains but also educates, providing a clear, comprehensive view of what you offer. 

By accurately representing the product and its features, videos lower the likelihood of a customer buying a product only to find it not working how they thought it would. No more 'oops, this isn't what I thought it was' moments.

This helps them make the right purchasing decisions, thereby also minimizing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

Videos help make the most out of your channel sales

Not only do videos boost engagement metrics, they provenly also boost conversion rates

Based on A/B tests conducted with our customers, video has shown to boost conversion rates from approximately +5% to +10% on average, with the maximum increase being an incredible +19%.

Strategically placed product videos also offer excellent opportunities to find and add more products to the purchase. Did you know that adding product videos above the fold has, on average, a 2x impact on conversions?

With more conversions and a higher AOV, you can increase the overall value derived from each shopper, leading to a higher CLV and stronger long-term relationships with customers.

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How automating your video distribution can help

Handling video assets can however be quite a handful. Getting resellers, who are often swamped with their own priorities, to update your content can be a tough – and painstakingly slow – task. 

As one of our customers experienced, getting a video up to a reseller’s page can take as much as a year

And even when you do, there's no guarantee your carefully crafted videos won't be tucked away at the bottom of a page or removed when they expire.

Common challenges and bottlenecks include:

❌ Bottleneck 1: Handling all the touchpoints is a good old mess

Continuously updating, organizing, and then sending out heaps of separate files, email attachments, or video links to countless retailers can be a headache.

And it's not just a one-time thing. You've got to keep doing it as links change and campaign videos age, piling on more manual tasks for your team. 

This process of sharing and refreshing content is an ongoing challenge, demanding both time and attention. 

Ever stopped to count the hours it takes to send one video for one product to one reseller? Now, multiply that by all your videos, products, and resellers. 

Ouch, right? Doing the math can be a real eye-opener, showing just how much time you're sinking into stuff that could definitely be done quicker.

❌  Bottleneck 2: Little to no control of video placement or embedding

If you do manage to get your videos onto the product pages of your reseller’s, you oftentimes have little control over how they are presented on the page.

Videos tucked down on the very bottom of the page, or broken links to already expired videos, generate little results.

Ideally, you want the right videos placed prominently above the fold, alongside product descriptions, at a designated spot that catches the attention of the shoppers while also being optimized for mobile.

❌  Bottleneck 3: No access to video performance data

If you treasure it, measure it. Distributing videos without tracking their performance is like shooting in the dark. 

It's mighty difficult to know how to enhance your future video content if you don't have past performance to guide you. That's why having video performance data is essential. It helps answer key questions: What's the average cost of producing a product video, and how do you calculate the ROI? When do viewers drop off, when do they engage by adding products to their cart, and when do they abandon it? 

Data like this isn't just important to track current video performance; it's critical for refining and optimizing your video strategy for future success.

Solution: Automate your video distribution

Using a centralized video content syndication platform like Videoly helps you streamline how your videos are being shared, showcased and measured. 

With a solution and automation in place, you can trust that the correct videos will always be front and center on your resellers' product pages, following all the technical best practices. 

And the best part? You won't need to lift a finger. It takes the complexity out of video placement and tracking, making sure they have the maximum impact exactly where it counts.

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