How Electrolux streamlined their video distribution with Videoly for Brands

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Automated distribution enables enriched customer experience
Optimal video placement on retailers’ pages
Incredible growth in all areas
Videoly for Brands makes video content distribution easy. It's simple to use, saves time, and works automatically. It means we can secure the brand's image and get complete control over our videos.
Katariina Heiskari
Content Specialist, Electrolux
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Electrolux & Videoly for Brands

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As the world’s second largest appliance maker, Electrolux needs no introduction. Best known for all manner of major appliances and vacuum cleaners, Electrolux’s product portfolio is massive and covers a wide variety of household brand names across the globe.
Videoly for Brands
The leading product video distribution platform for e-commerce, ensuring that brands’ video content gets seen by consumers. Videoly for Brands enables brands to manage all their product videos through a single solution. Automated distribution and technical embedding mean video circulation to retailers’ product pages has never been so seamless.

How to streamline video distribution via automation and ensure consumers see content?

Electrolux is a huge global player in the appliance industry. But they faced the same challenge as many other brands seeking to easily distribute their own product video content to online retailers: how to ensure the content is live, up-to-date, and actually gets seen by the desired consumer audience?
Distributing video content was a manual, time-consuming process, with several uncertainties at play. Factor in the importance of having video content live in time for product launches and it became clear Electrolux needed a solution to streamline the entire video distribution process.

Automated video distribution via a single platform

Videoly for Brands automated distribution transformed a highly manual process into an effortless one, with just some very light work required on the part of the content provider. No more sending out videos individually and no more endless tracking of what went where and to whom.
Before using Videoly for Brands I needed to make sure I’d shared all of the video content to all of the retailers – and that the content was live. Now I don’t need to worry about any of that. I just upload the video and add the publishing date.
Katariina Heiskari
Content Specialist, Electrolux

What Videoly brings

Automated video distribution
Premium video placement on resellers’ pages
Technical embedding on product pages
Single platform video management solution
Insightful analytics to guide future strategy

Automation enables increased focus on enriching customer experience

product videos can improve add to cart ratesproduct videos can increase add to cart rate
Automated video distribution has freed up a whole chunk of time for the Electrolux team – time that can be spent in finding and adding more insightful videos that show products in use and offer up tips on how consumers can get the most out of their products. In total, almost 1200 Electrolux products are covered with video.

This isn’t simply as good as an in-store visit. It’s actually an enhancement. Product videos mean the consumer gets to see the product in action, something that’s not always possible in-store. It’s why product videos are often the factor that nudges consumers from browsers into buyers.

This trend is clearly visible on Electrolux’s product pages too – video watchers have a 211 percent higher ATC conversion rate compared to visitors who don’t watch videos.

Full content control and optimal page position

Videoly for Brands has given Electrolux full control over their product video content and ensured the best video placement on retailers’ pages. This has removed the uncertainty around whether or not a video is live on a retailer’s site – particularly crucial when product launches take place.

Previously, this meant checking the retailer’s site manually. Now, videos are simply uploaded to a single platform, ready to go out automatically in perfect timing with a product launch. Relevant video content appears at just the right time and in exactly the right place on a retailer’s site.
This secures the brand’s image and messaging, and makes sure their video content gets seen by the people that matter the most – Electrolux’s consumers.
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As manufacturers Electolux now has the final word when it comes to our video content. Things are ready for product launches and we don’t have to worry about it anymore. This lets us focus on future video content.
Katariina Heiskari
Content Specialist,

Analytics let Electrolux keep their video content consumer focused

Videoly for Brands provides data that really makes a difference in understanding consumers’ preferences and needs. For Electrolux, this means better insight into the types of appliances consumers are searching for and the kinds of information they are seeking on these products. It's also an invaluable guide in shaping the direction of future video content.

And the existing content is obviously compelling to consumers – on average, consumers watch 87% of Electrolux’s product video's length, with the most popular genres being presentation and how-to videos.
The data gives us a better understanding of what consumers are watching and for how long. We get an insight into appliances people are looking for and the type of video content that could be especially relevant for consumers.
Katariina Heiskari
Content Specialist, Electrolux
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