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Assisting our customers in finding answers and making informed choices is a top priority, and video is the most effective tool for this purpose.
Daniel Norén
Sales and Media Manager,

A leading omnichannel retailer

NetOnNet, part of the Komplett Group, is a prominent electronics retailer with a simple mission: to make home electronics more accessible through competitive pricing and a straightforward shopping experience.

NetOnNet operates under a hybrid model that seamlessly blends online and physical self-service store experiences. They cater to both consumers and businesses through e-commerce and an extensive network of around 30 'Lagershoppar' (warehouse shops) located across Sweden and Norway.

Catering to self-service shoppers with video

NetOnNet aims to provide seamless shopping by eliminating unnecessary friction. According to Daniel Norén, Sales and Media Manager at NetOnNet, the company's goal is to simplify every aspect and offer home electronics at a more affordable price than competitors. “It's the motto for the entire company and is based on our unique self-service concept.”
NetOnNet not only values simplicity but also places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional customer experience. Whether customers prefer online shopping or visiting physical stores, NetOnNet is dedicated to assisting them in making well-informed decisions.

Daniel explains, "We believe – and know – that customers conduct their product research independently before making a purchase." The team at NetOnNet acknowledges the crucial role of videos in achieving this goal, as videos excel in providing customers with a deeper understanding of products.
As Daniel puts it, videos convey a lot of information quickly, surpassing what text or images can do. "Assisting our customers in finding answers and making informed choices is a top priority, and video is the most effective tool for this purpose.”

Enhancing efficiency with Videoly

To be able to utilize video content across their wide array of product categories and thousands of products, NetOnNet quickly identified a challenge: they needed help with consolidating video content from various sources as efficiently as possible. That's how the collaboration with Videoly began.

"Many brands want to showcase their products through videos on our product pages. With multiple touch points involved, having a dedicated software platform was the most practical and realistic solution" Daniel recalls.
NetOnNet's primary focus is on essential product categories, ensuring that supplier video content is available on the right product pages. This approach, combined with streamlining their video workflow using Videoly, has allowed the team to efficiently allocate resources for integrating video content into their store where it matters the most.

NetOnNet is also using UGC video, which Daniel considers a valuable content source that strongly appeals to their customers, across their site.
The sheer volume of videos constantly generated on platforms like YouTube can be overwhelming. The challenge lies not only in finding content but also in finding the right content, and Videoly does all of this for us automatically.
Daniel Norén
Sales and Media Manager,

Customer satisfaction as the Northern Star

NetOnNet thus places a high priority on both ensuring a simple and effective shopping experience and on enhancing efficiency across all aspects of its operations. Daniel articulates the team's goals clearly: they aim to work smarter, not harder.
Videoly has played a key role in increasing efficiency by automating the video workflow. In addition to looking after operational efficiency, NetOnNet regularly tests their e-commerce performance and closely tracks key metrics like time spent on PDP and conversion rates to guide their goals.

However, their main goal for NetOnNet is always to improve customer satisfaction. "We firmly believe that by providing an outstanding customer experience, other key performance indicators, such as conversion rates, will naturally improve," Daniel explains. "Using Videoly to include video in the customer experience equation has been essential for achieving this goal.”

Setting the stage for future exploration

NetOnNet is committed to staying up-to-date with video trends, not only within their online store but also in their advertising efforts. They place a high value on being present on various platforms and channels to reach their customers where they are.

This proactive approach and NetOnNet’s deep understanding of customers’ wishes has made them aware of the potential of UGC as a key strategy for the future. "Most content out there is now created by users themselves, and the quality of videos only continues to improve,” Daniel explains. “There is a lot to be gained from tapping into this more.”

Continuing to prioritize high-quality content, NetOnNet aims to keep engaging customers with visually appealing and valuable videos. Daniel concludes, "With Videoly as our video management partner, we can rest assured that we’re able to efficiently expand our video initiatives also in the future."
With Videoly as our video management partner, we can rest assured that we’re able to efficiently expand our video initiatives also in the future.
Daniel Norén
Sales and Media Manager,
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