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Elkjøp has seen a notable increase in shopper engagement and website dwell time, all thanks to product videos
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Elkjøp is a market-leading omnichannel consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics, offering a diverse range of well-known brands and services to both individual consumers and businesses under the brands Elkjøp, Elgiganten and Gigantti.

With a dedicated team of over 11 000 professionals, Elkjøp has firmly positioned itself as a trusted destination for customers seeking high-quality electronics and exceptional service. They achieve this through their extensive online store and a network of 400+ physical stores spread across the Nordics.

Meeting the demands of today’s online shoppers

With an extensive range of over 300 000 SKUs, Elkjøp offers a wide array of options to cater to diverse needs. However, navigating such a vast product range of electronics can sometimes present a challenge for shoppers, a reality that Julia Paulsen, Director of Ecommerce at Elkjøp, acknowledges.

"Even vacuum cleaners have evolved to offer a wide range of settings and features at varying price points," Julia explains. "However, if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair, choosing a more advanced model may be a smart choice. Arriving at that decision can nevertheless be difficult if you don't have a complete understanding of the product", she continues.
By guiding online shoppers to make informed decisions right from the start, Elkjøp not only enhances the shopping experience but also reduces the likelihood of surprises upon receiving the product. Julia adds, "Nobody wants to be disappointed or deal with unnecessary returns. That only adds frustration and friction. We want to deliver a seamless experience and give our customers a sense of control."
Today's shoppers are savvy, and they want quick, clear and comprehensible information. That’s why you need to effectively address their questions directly on the PDPs, where almost 50% of our traffic lands.
Julia Paulsen
Director of Ecommerce, Elkjøp

Enhancing product information through video content

Elkjøp's online stores attract over 430 million sessions annually. As part of their commitment to delivering a great omnichannel shopping experience, Elkjøp has been working with Videoly since 2017 to seamlessly integrate product videos into their product pages at scale.

This collaboration has proven to be invaluable for Elkjøp. "Getting video content to our product pages can be a challenge for a store of our magnitude. By using Videoly to automate our whole product video workflow, we are able to save valuable time for our team", Julia says.
The close-knit partnership, coupled with data and best practices provided by Videoly, has helped Elkjøp to gain insights into what truly captivates customers and which videos have a measurable impact on their bottom line. "One example is our collaborative efforts to optimize where we place the videos on our product pages, especially now during our recent transition to a new ecommerce platform."

Using video data to shape
the ecommerce strategy

Elkjøp has witnessed the significant impact of video engagement on user behavior and purchase commitment. Customers who watch videos tend to spend four times longer on the site and visit around 15 pages, compared to the average of six page visits per session. This highlights the effectiveness of videos in providing the desired answers and information that drive higher purchase rates, according to Julia.
Julia is convinced that successful, modern retailers understand the importance of video in achieving tangible business results. The key to success lies in data analysis, developing a well-defined video strategy, and establishing clear objectives for video content, whether it's to increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, or enhance engagement.

"We have learned that for us, the value of video goes beyond the customer making a purchase on the first page they land on. Instead, it comes from helping our customers truly understand their product needs", Julia explains. Data has also guided Elkjøp to strategically use videos for products that generate inquiries or have higher complexity, making a significant impact on the bottom line through improved product information.

Using video across the entire
customer journey

Julia believes that video will continue to play a crucial role in supporting the entire customer journey at Elkjøp. "Sustainability is a key focus for us. We have found that instructional videos can help customers maintain and extend the lifespan of their products, promoting long-term value and reducing waste. This is an area we are actively exploring and see significant potential for impact."

Julia also extends an invitation to suppliers and brands to collaborate and enhance the product information presented in Elkjøp's store through Videoly. "Our online store provides a platform for electronics brands to share valuable product content. Our customers truly appreciate informative videos, and we would love to feature more product videos from brands themselves, including tips and insights, especially related to sustainability and product longevity."
Our online store also provides a platform for electronics brands to share valuable product content.
Julia Paulsen
Director of Ecommerce, Elkjøp
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By enriching the customer journey with informative videos, Elkjøp aims to keep equipping their customers with more knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their values. "Videoly has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals, and we are excited to continue developing our e-commerce video strategy together."
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