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Increase engagement

It pays off to make your product pages irresistible. By offering product information in video format, you can experience a clear increase in engagement metrics.
Reduce bounce rate and exit rate
Video makes your product pages stickier. A/B tests conducted with our customers have shown that product pages with video can reduce the bounce rate by an average of 5.0%. Some of our customers have seen a reduction in bounce rate as high as 12%.
Safeguard your marketing spend
A decrease in bounce rate adds value to your other marketing efforts. This is particularly critical for paid traffic since each visit comes at a cost. By keeping visitors engaged on their site with product video, many of our customers report a clear boost in page value leading to a higher marketing ROI.

Why engagement matters

Engaging and relevant product videos enhance the shopping experience and keep your customers engaged in your store. Moreover, search engines take viewer interaction into account when determining search rankings.
Product pages with video are showing a clear positive trend in key metrics such as time spent on site, conversion rates, and page value.
Carl Torgnysson
Content Manager
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Increase CR and AOV

Videos build customer trust and lower the barrier to purchase by delivering engaging and informative content. With more conversions and a higher average order value, your business can increase the overall value derived from each customer.
Increase your conversion rate
Based on on A/B tests conducted with our customers, video has shown to significantly boost conversion rates (CR). Our results indicate a median increase of +5.95%, an average increase of +7.96%, and a maximum increase of +18.72%.
Increase your average order value
Every store is unique, making it difficult to establish a universal statistical power for this metric. We often use the example of an average customer who reported a 5.8% AOV increase during A/B tests done with Videoly as a benchmark when helping customers calculate the potential benefits of adding product videos to their store.

Why CR and AOV matters

The equation is simple: higher conversion rates and an increase in AOV directly contribute to an increase in overall revenue – not to mention what they can potentially do for your bottom line. These metrics also often contribute to higher customer lifetime value.
We use Videoly to improve conversion rates and user experience. I’ve been surprised at just how high the conversion increases are.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager,
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Cut manual hours

Benefits of video are undeniable, but sourcing and embedding videos onto your product pages can be a slow and daunting task. Videoly allows you to streamline and automate your whole video workflow.
Automate video sourcing
Whether you're searching for suitable videos on YouTube or manually receiving videos from manufacturers or brands, the manual management of videos will quickly consume your valuable time.
video embedding
Embedding videos to your online store, one by one, takes a lot of time. Not to mention the time spent on different language versions or checking the store for broken links.

Why operational efficiency matters

Less time spent on manual work means more savings. Automating your video workflow means your team’s resources are freed up for other tasks, reducing extra costs.
With thousands of products on our site, it was getting hard to manage. Before installing Videoly, it took a lot of manual work just to associate one video with one product.
Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike’s Bikes
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