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Granngården & Videoly

Established in 1880. The go-to choice in Sweden for gardening, agricultural, forestry and pet products.
The market-leading video technology for online retailers, enabling thousands of hand-picked product videos to be seamlessly integrated at scale.

How to easily add thousands of videos and enhance Granngården’s online store?

Granngården has been described as the IKEA of gardening and agriculture; whatever you need, they will most likely stock it. Their online store features over 11 000 products.

The problem for Granngården?

With such a wide selection, it became obvious Granngården needed to ensure their customers could not only find the products they are looking for but also receive rich information about them.

Why? Well, the online store also functions as a catalogue for customers and employees, providing extensive information about product features.
But not every product in Granngården’s selection fits neatly into the format of an online store. Chainsaws, barbecues, lawnmowers... consumers tend to rely on in-store visits to purchase these types of products.

Bringing products to life via video (and boosting time spent on site)

Granngården knew that product videos were the step to leveling up their entire online store. But with thousands of products in their selection, how would they add videos for each product?

Videoly’s seamless, easy-to-use integration, and dedicated curatorial team meant thousands of videos were added to the online store within just a few weeks.
I implemented Videoly all by myself, which is unusual — many times there’s a need for an army of web developers.
Hampus Gunnarsson
SEO & SEM Specialist, Granngå

The biggest benefits

Seamless and simple
Managing your video content — as simple as it gets. Easy installation and intuitive video management tool.
Boost time on site
More time on site, more hits on Google. Videos make people spend more time on the site and reduce bounce rates which boosts SEO.
Vivify products
Videos bring products alive, enabling customers to make better informed purchase decisions.
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Managing video content has
never been easier

Before partnering with Videoly, Granngården manually embedded videos on their site. This was a lot of work — for example, keeping track of broken video links is impossible with a big product portfolio.
the Videoly dashboard
Videoly automatically searches, curates and embeds the relevant videos to the correct product pages — making it the perfect solution for the challenge facing Granngården.

Granngården also found MyVideoly, Videoly's customer interface, made adding and disabling videos easy and hassle-free. The tool enables adjustments and edits to the appearance and location of the widget on the site.

And of course, the dedicated Videoly team helped Granngården at each step of the process.

More time on site, more hits on Google

Hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos are consumed globally every day. Tapping into people’s enthusiasm for videos helps online stores capture the attention of visitors and boosts user engagement.

This leads to better SEO as well as more time on the site and lower bounce rates improve the site’s performance in search results.
37412 video views
Spent on site due
to videos watched
2 000+
Videos added
by Videoly
*All data from (May 2019)
A video can increase the time spent on page per one product, and that’s great; but if it can do that to a thousand products, that’s better.
Hampus Gunnarsson
SEO & SEM Specialist, Granngå

Video brings products alive

For Granngården, videos are a great tool to breathe new life into the way products are presented online.
product videos for garden store
With hands-on, technical products, videos add the vital element of visuality that equals an in-store experience. Think of a robotic lawnmower. It can be tricky for a potential customer to understand how such a product works just from still images and text.

Product video helps potential customers to understand the product by providing insight into functionality.  Emotionally, moving images also resonate with customers.
I like companies that add a bit of humour here and there, and videos are great for communicating emotions
Hampus Gunnarsson
SEO & SEM Specialist, Granngå
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