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products covered
A vast amount of PDPs now feature videos on both Lumene’s own and their resellers' online stores
10 000+
monthly views
Lumene’s product videos get thousands of monthly views across Videoly’s distribution channels
*Date range: Sep 2022 – Feb 2023
watch progress
With an average watch progress of over 80%, Lumene’s video content is both compelling and informative
Video is the best way to bring products to life. With Videoly's help in managing our video content, we can ensure that videos are placed where we need them, when we need them.
Eliisa Kasi
Global Head of Digital Content, Lumene
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A leading Nordic beauty brand

Lumene is a Finnish beauty brand that specializes in skincare, makeup, and body care products. They use natural ingredients inspired by Nordic wilderness, and their products address a range of skin concerns.

Lumene places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, and their products are available globally in stores and online.

Video, a cornerstone of Lumene’s content

As a leading Nordic beauty brand, Lumene recognizes the importance of effectively showcasing their products. They understand that customers today prefer learning about products through video, making it a priority to invest in this content format.

The tricky puzzle of video distribution

Video is a powerful sales tool that enables immersive storytelling. It’s the best way to educate our customers, as it allows for demonstrating beauty products by showcasing their unique features, colors, and textures.
Eliisa Kasi
Global Head of Digital Content, Lumene
Lumene faced challenges when it came to distributing their carefully created video content in the most effective location, namely next to the "add to cart" button.

"We recognized the potential of video to enhance the shopping experience and improve conversion rates, but we had no solution for embedding videos into our own online store," says Mira Karhu, Ecommerce specialist at Lumene.
Lumene also struggled to get videos onto the product pages of our many resellers. "Manually reminding our resellers to add or remove videos on specific dates that aligned with our marketing campaigns was very time-consuming," Eliisa says.

Eliisa was thrilled to have discovered Videoly after seeing its widget on several of Lumene's resellers' product pages. Videoly would eliminate the manual hassle involved in ensuring their video content reached multiple destinations.

The beauty of streamlined video management

Lumene implemented the full Videoly suite, which is an excellent one-stop shop for a brand that heavily relies on video content and aims to maximize the benefits of using videos in both their own online store and those of resellers.

With videos for over 160 products being currently distributed across the extensive network of resellers, the automated video workflow has proven to be a game-changer for Lumene. Having full control and visibility of their video workflow also ensures comprehensive analytics of how the videos are performing across the different sales channels.
In addition to helping provide their customers with better product information while increasing conversion and building brand perception across multiple sales channels, Videoly has significantly improved Lumene’s operational efficiency.

"One example of how Videoly helps us save time is the scheduling functionality in Videoly for Brands. It is exceptional because it allows us to set start and end dates for our videos, aligning them with product campaigns' timelines and objectives," Eliisa shares. "This feature will save us significant time in the future when planning and preparing for campaigns."

Using the full Videoly suite

Video on own PDPs with Videoly for Retailers
After installing the Videoly for Retailers widget to their own online store, Lumene can ensure their video content automatically flows to the product pages with zero manual effort from the ecommerce team needed.
Distributing video with Videoly for Brands
Videoly for Brands gives centralized control over Lumene’s video content across the whole Videoly distribution network, allowing them to place and control videos also on their reseller’s product pages.
Expanding network with Videoly Quick Connect
Videoly's Quick Connect ensures that Lumene can quickly and easily add new resellers to the distribution network, allowing them to scale up distribution and maximize video reach without adding any manual work.
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Taking on the future – together

Lumene intends to continue investing in high-quality video content while utilizing Videoly's comprehensive analytics to guide future video production. "Using the learnings from the data in Videoly to develop our video content and store experience will be a huge benefit for us going forward," Eliisa explains.

In addition to their brand videos, Lumene features user-generated content (UGC) and social proof in their different marketing channels and want to increase UGC efforts going forward.
I also appreciate that Videoly is able to efficiently scan, curate, and display UGC in a prominent position on the product pages of our own store.
Mira Karhu
Ecommerce specialist, Lumene
According to both Eliisa and Mira, Videoly has been a reliable partner that provides valuable assistance to Lumene's team. They appreciate the support and suggestions given by Videoly to help them move forward. ,"Videoly has been a strategic partner to Lumene, and we couldn't ask for more. The team at Videoly is amazing, providing hands-on support and understanding our needs."
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