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Increase sales and boost customer engagement through the power of automatically connected product videos.
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Why 400+ e‑commerce leaders love Videoly

Reduce bounce rate with engaging content
88% more time is spent by the average user on a website with video.
Grow basket size with rich product information
Product pages with videos have a 15-30% increase in average order value. Videos provide in-depth product information that gives customers the confidence to click add-to-cart.
Drive conversions with deep data
Analytics give you insight into how consumers watch your site’s videos, enabling you to discover the positive impact on add-to-cart conversion.

Get access to thousands of videos without any manual work

One solution: thousands of high-quality videos. Automation means your team’s resources are freed up for other tasks, reducing extra costs.
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How Videoly works

Videoly finds, curates, and automatically embeds videos from YouTube and brands to your online store.

Who we work with

The best thing about Videoly is its automation. It automatically connects videos to our +10K products range and their curation team is here to ensure that the videos are legit and relevant.
Florestan Bureau
Online Marketing Coordinator,
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Videoly is worth 10 full time staff...minimum! It takes the stress and cost out of curating video content for your e-commerce site.
Easy setup, easy to add more videos, and best of all: Extremely time-saving. A great tool that helps our customers make better and more informed decisions before making a purchase.
Didrik Rasmussen
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Videoly provides detailed videos of products to help the consumer make their buying decision online. Both conversions and time spent on our site have increased since we took Videoly into use.

If there’s a video of your product, we’ll find it

Scan your shop to discover the level of video content coverage Videoly can provide to your store.
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Tailored to meet your industry’s needs

It’s important consumers understand product features and specifications – which is why they’re keen to see reviews, unboxings, how-to videos, and product presentations. No one has time to read long product descriptions or user manuals these days — videos are the best way to get the information to the buyer.
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Beauty consumers are avid video watchers and it’s important for them to see reviews and comparisons on the products they’re considering. For beauty products, videos are a must – photos and text alone cannot adequately showcase cosmetics.
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Sports & Outdoor
There’s nothing like seeing a sports product in action. Videos are the best online substitute for a physical salesperson. Think of exercise products or tents. Consumers will likely have many questions. Is assembly easy? What are the features? Video answers all these concerns in a way no other medium can.
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Tools & Garden
Power drills, cutting tools, mowers, trimmers. To really showcase what these products do, you need video. Consumers want to see the product in action, operating in the field, working on different surfaces. Product videos cover the constantly rotating range of new models, ensuring your product pages remain relevant.
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Toys & Baby products
The variety of baby products can be bewildering to new parents. Videos help them make informed decisions. And for toys, it can be hard to know what’s hot and what’s not. Videos from child vloggers give you insight into the child’s perspective.
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Videoly works seamlessly
with all platforms

We’re fully compatible with all platforms and integration is super easy. Whether you’re using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento or an in-house customized solution, we’ve got you covered!
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Increase sales and keep your online shoppers engaged through automatically connected product videos. Whether it’s UGC, brand videos, reviews – we’ve got your product video needs covered.
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