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How Videoly helped NordicaGolf score a hole-in-one with 50% conversion increases

order value


Increase in average order value
for products with Videoly's video player
Improved user experience
enhances customers’ purchasing decisions
We use Videoly to improve conversion rates and user experience. I’ve been surprised at just how high the conversion increases are.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf
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NordicaGolf & Videoly

NordicaGolf are passionate golf geeks supplying the best golfing equipment to customers across Europe. Stocking everything from the best known brands to a whole range of golfing accessories, their priority is to make golfers’ days more enjoyable.
One solution, thousands of videos. The market-leading video management technology for online retailers, enabling automatically embedded, hand-picked product videos to connect seamlessly to online stores. Nobody else makes getting product videos this easy.

How to easily get videos on site and boost conversion rates?

NordicaGolf operates in a highly specialized field – golfing accessories and equipment – where in-depth product information is key to online sales.

They’d been using picture carousels but quickly realized that only video can give customers the level of rich product details needed for golfing equipment.
But this threw up a further obstacle – how could the dedicated but small team at NordicaGolf get videos onto their product pages and ensure the video content stayed fresh, on message, and regularly maintained?

NordicaGolf needed everything done automatically – from finding and curating video content, to embedding and updating it.
Taking care of video content management manually would have cost more than automating everything through Videoly. Doing it manually would take up too much time and resources. Videoly’s automation and optimization takes care of everything.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf

Thousands of videos to NordicaGolf’s product pages – automatically and seamlessly

Using Videoly meant NordicaGolf had all the hassle removed from the process of finding and uploading video content. Within minutes of installing Videoly, videos simply flowed to the product pages.

Within one month of installing Videoly

2 000+
Products covered with video
3 000+
Videos added
6 000+
Video views
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Installing Videoly couldn’t be easier. I launched Videoly through Google Tag Manager and one minute later we had many product videos.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf

What Videoly brings

the videos
No broken

A/B testing proves automatically embedded product videos drive conversion rates

product videos can improve conversions by 50%product videos can give 50% more conversions
The detailed product information and the virtual in-store experience offered by product video are invaluable when looking to increase conversion rates. *This was proved in the A/B testing conducted by Videoly and NordicaGolf.

Add-to-cart conversions saw a significant increase of 50% when visitors watched video content through the video player. This dramatic gain is in line with expectations for specialized stores. Online browsers may have a high level of engagement with the products; product videos are what it takes to translate that engagement into conversions.

Time spent on site also increased, with visitors that watched a video more likely to view other pages on-site. Average order value was another area that saw a 24% boost when visitors watched video content through the video player.
Videoly enhances our site’s user experience, and with good user experience and good content come great conversion rates. We generate more revenue when we have videos on our product pages.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf

The biggest benefits

Boost conversions
Increased conversion rates, boosted average order value, decreased site exit and bounce rates
Easy installation
Managing video content has never been easier. Simple to install solution; fully automated; no resources needed from NordicaGolf
Comprehensive curation
All relevant video content procured, no matter how obscure or hard to find. If it fits the product, Videoly will find it
Fully scalable
Videoly easily scalable across all domains and markets
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Videoly’s curation ensures all relevant video content is discovered

NordicaGolf’s stock is highly specialized. One of their main focus areas is golfing accessories and custom fit products, such as golf grips and shafts. Videoly has made sure it’s not just well known brands that get product video coverage, regardless of how niche the item or how obscure the company.
Videoly finds the right videos, even for very specific products that can sometimes be hard to find video content for. We stock many products from lesser known brands, and thanks to Videoly we now have great videos covering those products.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf

Videoly easily scalable across all domains

NordicaGolf has recently branched out. Starting with their Swedish domain they now have domains in the UK, Germany and Norway. And implementing Videoly across all domains has been seamless and hassle-free, with similar increases in conversions and average order value among users who watch a video.
It’s important for us that scaling to multiple domains is seamless. Videoly has worked brilliantly in this regard, with conversions and order value increases looking good in each domain.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager, NordicaGolf
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