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Bridging the gap between online and offline shopping with video



137 000+
video views*
2 240+
monthly hours spent
watching videos*
*on average
12 213
videos added
to product pages
ATC conversion rate boost on average on desktop
Product pages with video are showing a clear positive trend in key metrics such as time spent on site, conversion rates, and page value.
Carl Torgnysson
Content Manager,
Data for,, and provided by Videoly from Sep 2022 to Feb 2023.

A top home and garden retailer

Jula is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1979. With over 120 physical stores and online stores operating in five countries across Europe, Jula offers a wide range of products for the home, garden, and leisure at affordable prices.

Jula’s aim is to motivate people to simplify their everyday lives and encourage everyone to take a hands-on approach to fixing and doing things themselves while enjoying the process.

From catalogs to clicks

In 2017, Jula decided to make a strategic re-investment in their online store. While doing so, they realized they needed to catch up with the latest ecommerce trends. "It’s important for us that the shopping experience is appealing and informative. We needed to translate that into our new online store as well," Carl Torgnysson, Content Manager at Jula, explains.
Jula's traditional cult product catalog, which was distributed physically for decades, primarily contained short product descriptions and a few images per item. As a result, most of the existing product information was in a very traditional format.

"This type of product information would not cut it for our online store. That’s where Videoly came in: as a part of providing our customers with new and more effective ways of understanding our products," Carl continues.

Navigating a maze of product content

Jula's diverse product range currently consists of approximately 20 000 products. The large product range and mix of their own and external brands make it difficult to manually collect and maintain information and content for each product.

Carl is no stranger to the challenges of video content management, having manually added videos on Jula's product pages before Videoly. "It took a lot of time to embed videos on the product pages for three languages," he recalls.
It would have been impossible for me to manually collect
and embed all the videos that Videoly now sources for us automatically.
Carl Torgnysson
Content Manager,

Bridging online and offline with video

Informative videos, like how-to guides and product reviews, are especially helpful for tools, machinery, lighting, and garden products. "They offer a clear image of the product and recreate the experience of being in a physical store, making it easier to buy," Carl explains.

Jula aims to bridge the gap between the physical stores and their online store as much as possible. "Many customers visit our online store to view a product before going to a physical store. Or the other way around. At times it's difficult to determine where the conversion really occurred, online or offline. Sometimes, it’s both!"

Happy customers, happy business

Jula has observed clear positive trends for product pages with videos. "Shoppers who watch a video tend to stay longer on the page and account for longer sessions with more page visits," Carl describes. Jula has also noticed improvements in conversion rates and page value. All these figures confirm that product video has a positive impact on Jula's ultimate goal: to provide an excellent customer experience through rich product content.
According to Carl, video content will be crucial for Jula's expansion into new markets, especially where the company and its brands are not yet well known. "Videoly will allow us to showcase videos for particular brands and products on a prime spot in our newly opened online stores, which will significantly enhance our brand awareness efforts," he explains.

Overall, Jula has been very happy with the service and sees Videoly as a valuable partner in their journey of growth and expansion. "Videoly has been a great help in our content strategy, and I am very satisfied with the partnership we have built together," Carl summarizes.

The biggest benefits

More videos with zero manual effort
With over 20 000 products and several online stores, managing product videos manually for each individual product page would have been impossible for Jula.
Increased engagement and more conversions
Product pages with video are showing a clear positive trend in key metrics such as time spent on site, number of pages visited, conversion rates, and page value.
A better shopping experience
Video plays a crucial role in Jula's content strategy, as it allows for engaging product information and replicates the experience of visiting a physical store.
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