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ATC desktop conversion


Thousands of videos added automatically
16 000+
relevant videos
Boost to video
114 000
video views per month
Data drawn from A/B test in 2017
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Outnorth & Videoly
A leading supplier of the very best Scandinavian outdoors products, Outnorth has been supplying enthusiasts and adventurers with everything outdoor-related for nearly 100 years.
The market-leading video management technology for online retailers, enabling automatically embedded, hand-picked product videos to connect seamlessly to online stores.

How to cover a vast product range with video?

Outnorth’s huge product assortment covers many technical, specialized items as well as more casual products. So potential customers need a lot of information to help them make the right purchasing decision. For example, someone taking an Arctic trek needs the correct products to brave the harsh conditions – so it’s vital that product information is rich, accurate and easily understandable.

Alternatively, other customers may need just a quick glance at a product to decide it’s right for them. The best way to cater to this wide variety of audiences? Covering Outnorth’s product pages with relevant video.

The problem for Outnorth?

The problem was realizing these benefits. While their platform supported video content, only a small number of products were covered by video. And their platform limited Outnorth to just one product video per item.
Finally there was the issue of resources. Adding videos manually is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Outnorth knew they needed this process streamlined, and without having to employ an army of people to add, maintain and update the videos.

Enter Videoly.

Connect thousands of videos automatically to product pages

Videoly’s collaboration with Outnorth began with the Swedish domain, Through Videoly, Outnorth enjoyed comprehensive video coverage of their product selection within just a couple of weeks. Importantly, this was all realized without any manual work required from Outnorth.
Within one month of installing Videoly, more than 10 000 videos were added to 7 100 products, reaching over 62 000 video views. And the upward trend has continued. Just take a look at the current figures.
11 000+
Products covered
by video
16 000+
Videos on product
Video coverage
on current selection
The speed with which videos were added was a huge benefit. We could have never done it so quickly ourselves. The whole implementation process was so easy and as a marketer I didn’t need to involve IT, which is rare!
Henrik Wilnersson
Marketing Manager,

What Videoly brings

the videos
No broken

The biggest benefits

Full control, zero effort
Managing video content has never been easier. Easy to install, plug and play solution; fully automated; zero manual work required from Outnorth.
Increased conversions
A/B testing proved product video leveled up conversions and transformed browsers into buyers. Major boosts to desktop add-to-cart conversions (+14.8%) and mobile (+4.9%).
Supercharged KPIs
Big gains in time spent on site, video views and SEO ranking. Video’s power to replicate the in-store experience online is clear.
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A/B testing proves video coverage results in conversions

product videos on Outnorth site
desktop conversions
A/B testing was conducted over a two-week period in Sep-Oct 2017.
At the time there were 1 848 products covered by video
Some things can be difficult to quantify, so what really pushed us over the line was the undeniable effect on sales. With the A/B testing we were able to identify a direct correlation with add-to-cart, thus proving the influence product videos were having on our customers and our sales.
Henrik Wilnersson
Marketing Manager,

Videos increase time spent on site

Straight from the get-go, Videoly automatically adds thousands of videos to Outnorth’s product pages. Each and every video is handpicked and validated by a human being to ensure quality, relevance and on-point messaging.
This video content adds on average over a thousand hours to the monthly time users spent on Outnorth’s site.*
114 000
Video views
per month
2 200h
Time spent
on site
1m 8s
Average time
per video view
*Averages for the time period Jan 20 - Jun 21
Also impressive is the average length of video views, with 30% of site visitors watching over 90% of a given video. Proof that video content is an invaluable tool in transforming viewers into customers.

Today, Videoly’s cooperation with Outnorth has extended to six websites across Europe.
We were impressed with Videoly's process of finding videos automatically, but having a person give the final stamp of approval, which ensured high quality across the board. Only 1 or 2 videos needed to be removed from a total of over 10 000, which is a negligible percentage.
Henrik Wilnersson
Marketing Manager,

A massive increase in add-to-cart rates

435 percent
Outnorth has continued to see outstanding results:
Add-to-cart rates of those who watched video over those who didn’t have consistently hovered around 432% higher. This backs up already known statistics that consumers who watch videos are on average 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers*.
*Animoto, 2015
To put it simply, with Videoly our customers get a much better view of the product and it’s easier for our customers to make a decision of whether to purchase or not.
Henrik Wilnersson
Marketing Manager,
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