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The story of Videoly

Sergey founded Videoly in 2014. He had been working with search engines back in Russia with Yandex and he had the idea of a search engine that would discover product related videos. Sergey fell in love with Finland, its pure air and silence, already a long time ago. When he resigned from Yandex he made true of his long term dream and moved to Helsinki. Finland scored big time.  

Nora joined in 2016 to build the business and boost the sales. Previously Nora had been living and working in London in opening the UK market for a Finnish software company. After Nora got introduced to Sergey by an investor she knew it was time to return home to Helsinki.

Our mission

Right story in the right place. We believe in sharing stories around products where you need them the most – next to the add-to-cart button. That is the moment when you want to see the product in motion. Online shopping is increasing, but our need for experiencing the product has not gone anywhere.  

What we believe in

Humanity first

Everyone is a human being foremost, regardless of the role they represent, colleague, investor, customer etc. Having good and bad days is part of the human life experience. Everyone is doing the best they can on every given moment.  At Videoly we highlight the value of assuming positive intent and treat fellow humans with respect, compassion and kindness.


As a Finnish company honesty is highly important for us. Our actions are aligned with our words. We do what we say and say what we do. This includes the courage of also being transparent about the challenges and unpleasant issues. Honesty ensures the constant learning and development, since we also know the fact that need fixing.

Everyone is an entrepreneur

Since we are a scaling company, it’s essential that everyone acts as an entrepreneur in their own field. Proactive attitude and ownership is valued. Thus it is very important for us that everyone also owns their piece of the company. An entrepreneur is ready for the roller coaster ride of startup life’s extreme highs and lows, and we guarantee it never gets boring. You need to have perseverance and not give up during the lows, and allow yourself to celebrate and enjoy the highs.

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