Last updated:
June 19, 2023

What we base our ROI calculations on 

We have designed the ROI calculator to help you determine the potential benefits of product video and return on your investment based on your inputs. The following fine print provides a description of how we calculate the ROI and outlines the assumptions made in the process.

Data gathered and provided by Videoly

Over the years, Videoly has been actively collecting data on video performance and conducting various statistically significant A/B tests with our customers. 

This data has been instrumental in optimizing our services and understanding the value of product videos for our customers. It serves as the basis for our assumptions and calculation logic. 

Our calculations are based on the following:

  • Averages derived from A/B tests with customers. We analyze the results of A/B tests involving a broad range of customers to determine average performance, conversion rates, and user engagement. These averages act as benchmarks for online stores utilizing video to enhance sales.
  • Average performance of videos on online stores using Videoly. We consider the average performance of videos across various online stores that utilize Videoly's services. This data contributes to our understanding of video effectiveness and its impact on ROI.
  • Averages of processes or manual work. We take into account averages of observed processes or manual work input as reported by both Videoly and our customers. This helps us understand the time and effort required for tasks such as video search, evaluation, and embedding.

General assumptions

The calculations provided by our calculator are estimates and should be used for informational purposes only. 

The calculations are based on certain simplified assumptions, including:

  • Market Conditions and Inflation. The ROI calculation does not consider changes in market conditions or inflation.
  • Constant Performance. The calculator assumes a constant performance throughout the designated time period.
  • Financial Considerations. It does not take into account potential taxes or other financial considerations.
  • Future Performance. The results provided are not guarantees of future performance.

Want a customized calculation or the full formula?

We believe in empowering our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed investment decisions. If you require a customized calculation or want a deeper understanding of the formula, our team is happy to help. 

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