Ensure your product videos are seen

Connect your product videos automatically to resellers’ product pages - where online consumers make buying decisions.

Videoly connects your product videos to online stores

Automated video distribution

No more sending videos individually to retailers. Upload your videos to Videoly and assign them to products and markets, and we connect them directly to your resellers’ product pages.

Reach relevant audiences

Maximize your video ROI by getting your product videos to where views matter the most – product pages. That’s where consumers are looking for more information about the product, and where they make their buying decision.

Deep data

See data on how your videos are being viewed and discover what videos make consumers click add-to-cart. Get valuable insights to optimize your future video investments.

Control your brand experience

Ensure you have the right videos shown on the right markets with the right language versions. From our intuitive user interface it’s easy to keep your videos up-to-date on resellers’ product pages.

Loved by +400 online stores

Videoly is the easiest way for retailers to get relevant videos automatically to their product pages. We offer a mix of brand and UGC videos and for this reason we are able to offer the highest video coverage on the market.

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Key product features

Single file upload

You can easily upload all your videos and map them to products in one single file. We support both original video files and YouTube links.

Distribute videos to chosen markets

Keep all language and market versions of your videos in order, and distribute them automatically to the right market. Choose your videos’ language settings, and painlessly distribute to your selected regions.

Automatic matching to retailers

Our comprehensive database means we can automatically match your videos to the right products, no matter what product title or code your retailers are using.

Awesome user interface

Our intuitive interface is designed so you spend as little time as possible using it. Get the essential data to track your videos’ performance and grow your video content strategy.

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How it feels to use Videoly

The cooperation with Videoly has been really easy. We get our product videos where they belong – on retailers product pages, and the best part is that we see how they perform. This has really changed the way we can use product videos.

Heidi Sonninen Marketing Coordinator, Reima

With Videoly we have learned how our product videos perform and can now lift our video strategy to the next level.

Kristina Sørum Nordic Retail Marketing Specialist, Polar

How to ensure your product videos reach the right audience?

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Brands' Product Videos Aren't Reaching the Right Audience – Here's How to Fix That

After the expense of product video production, it can be a massive lowering to your ROI if video distribution is neglected or mismanaged. This is why brands should put more focus on getting their videos where they have the most impact – right next to the add-to-cart button on resellers' pages.

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Level up your video distribution!

Make sure your videos get seen where it matters. Videoly automatically connects your videos to resellers’ product pages.

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