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Reduce bounce rate with engaging content

88% more time is spent by the average user on a website with video.

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Product pages with videos have a 15-30% increase in average order value. Videos provide in-depth product information that gives customers the confidence to click add-to-cart.

Drive conversions with deep data

Analytics give you insight into how consumers watch your site’s videos, enabling you to discover the positive impact on add-to-cart conversion.
There was a whole untapped market of third-party videos – product reviews and videos that aren’t produced by the vendors themselves. Videoly ensures we procure all of that content.
Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike’s Bikes
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How Videoly works

AVB uses Videoly to feature selected brand videos on prime locations of your product pages. Upgrading to our full solution will further enrich your content by enabling Videoly to find, curate, and automatically embed videos from YouTube to your store autimatically.

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The speed with which videos were added was a huge benefit. We could have never done it so quickly ourselves.
Henrik Wilnersson
Marketing Manager,
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Videoly works automagically. Videos just appear on our product listings, giving the customer a better experience. It all happens without me having to think about it.
Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer,
Mike's Bikes
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A video can increase the time spent on page per one product, and that’s great; but if it can do that to a thousand products, that’s better.
Hampus Gunnarsson
SEO & SEM Specialist,
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Videoly enhances our site’s user experience, and with good user experience and good content come great conversion rates. We generate more revenue when we have videos on our product pages.
Oscar Träff
Digital Marketing Manager,
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