Videoly and Elkjøp deepen collaboration to further enhance shopping experience

The deepened partnership aims to elevate the e-commerce experience for customers by further integrating Videoly as the default platform for product videos on Elkjøp's product pages.

Since 2017, the partnership between Videoly, the leading e-commerce video platform, and Elkjøp, the market-leading Nordic omni-channel electronics retailer, has played a pivotal role in Elkjøp's e-commerce strategy. With the help of Videoly' innovative video platform, Elkjøp has been able to provide customers with improved product information and engaging video content at scale and directly on the product pages of their online store.

"Delivering an exceptional omni-channel shopping experience is a top priority to us, and the incorporation of product videos into our online store for their informative value has been instrumental to achieving that," says Julia Paulsen, Director of Ecommerce at Elkjøp. "Videoly has been a valuable strategic partner in helping us achieve our goals."

Through this further strengthened collaboration, Elkjøp aims to enhance their e-commerce video strategy by leveraging Videoly's advanced video automation capabilities and industry expertise. The focus will be on expanding the range of valuable product content showcased in the online store, including informative tips, sustainability insights, and product longevity advice, to provide customers with a more enriching and informative shopping experience.

"We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Elkjøp," says Nora Huovila, CEO of Videoly. "Together, we will continue to innovate and refine the e-commerce experience, leveraging the power of video to captivate customers and enable smarter buying."

Elkjøp Invites Suppliers and Brands to Enhance Product Information through Videoly

Elkjøp warmly welcomes suppliers and brands to collaborate and enhance the product information available on Elkjøp's online store through Videoly. Serving as a valuable platform, Elkjøp's online store provides electronics brands with a direct channel to share their product video content with customers.

Recognizing the strong customer appreciation for product videos, Elkjøp is excited to showcase an expanded collection of brand videos. "We have witnessed how much our customers value product videos, and we look forward to featuring a broader range of videos from our brand partners," says Paulsen.

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