Introducing Videoly Pages: the video-powered digital storefront

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Videoly's journey as we unveil our latest product add-on: Videoly Pages. This addition is set to transform how online retailers connect with their customers by delivering an exceptional video experience across their entire online stores.

Developed in close collaboration with our esteemed customers, Videoly Pages has been crafted to enhance the impact of video content throughout the entire online shopping journey. The add-on opens up a world of possibilities for online retailers, allowing them to seamlessly integrate videos on pages extending beyond their product pages.

Videoly Pages, the latest product add-on to Videoly

Elina Ranin, Head of Customer Success, shares her perspective on this new add-on: "Our customers have long expressed the desire to utilize videos from our extensive, curated library throughout their entire store. They understand that offering video content enhances product information and ultimately leads to an improved shopping experience, making video an essential element they wish to showcase across their entire online presence."

By offering video content on any selected page of their online stores with Videoly Pages, businesses can cater to the needs of 100% of their shoppers, regardless of where they begin their buying journey.

Use cases include creating video-powered category pages, brand sections, or informative how-to guides that inspire and guide customers to explore products and navigate better through the online store.

Easily add CTAs to your videos

Furthermore, the Pages add-on allows retailers to add compelling calls to action (CTAs) within their product videos. This provides them with a powerful tool to highlight specific products, like high-margin items or campaign-driven products, ultimately enhancing their profit margins, profitability, and campaign performance.

Elina Ranin reaffirms Videoly’s commitment to delivering new solutions that drive results for our customers. "This launch underscores our dedication to providing innovative solutions. We are excited about the potential of Videoly Pages to transform the way businesses engage with their audiences and eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our clients' success", she says.

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