Transforming e-commerce success stories with effective product videos

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It has become increasingly challenging for retail businesses to capture the attention of online shoppers and drive conversions. 

In a saturated market filled with numerous products and options, businesses must distinguish themselves to avoid being overshadowed or overlooked. But how? 

Enter product videos — a powerful tool for e-commerce success in this highly visual and fast-paced environment.

Product videos offer businesses a dynamic and engaging way to showcase their products. 

Unlike static images or text descriptions, videos offer a multi-dimensional experience. Thus enabling potential customers to easily visualize and comprehend a product's features, benefits, and usage. They create an immersive environment that instills confidence and empowers shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions.

In this article, we'll take a look at how three businesses have effectively utilized the power of videos for their benefit. 

Global home appliance brand Electrolux

Electrolux is a renowned global leader in professional home appliances. With over a century-long history, Electrolux is renowned for its innovative and high-quality products that improve daily living. Their product range includes kitchen appliances, laundry equipment, vacuum cleaners, and more.

Electrolux is among the retailers who understand the value of effective product videos. They saw the potential of videos in captivating customers and effectively showcasing their appliances' distinctive features and advantages. 

But like many others, video production was not the biggest pain in the neck. Distribution, on the other hand, was a blocker.

Electrolux's product videos were expertly crafted to showcase their appliances' functionality, design, and performance. These videos went beyond mere demonstrations and focused on highlighting the ways in which their products could improve customers' lives. They paid attention to storytelling, ensuring that the videos connected with the audience on an emotional level.

All they needed was an automated distributed platform like Videoly to do the most tedious part of the process — distribution. 


The integration of product videos into Electrolux’s e-commerce strategy led to tangible results. The videos effectively increased customer engagement, improved conversion rates,  and enhanced customer experience. 

1. Increased focus on enriching customer experience

Product videos offer consumers the opportunity to see the products in action, a feature often unavailable in physical stores. With nearly 1200 products covered by videos, this enhanced online experience surpasses an in-store visit. 

Automated video distribution resulted freed up valuable time for the Electrolux team. Instead, they are now able to focus on sourcing and adding more informative videos to enrich the online customer experience. 

This shift is evident in the data. Visitors who watched videos on Electrolux's product pages have a 211 percent higher add-to-cart conversion rate compared to non-video viewers.

2. Gained full control over content and video placement

Videoly for Brands has empowered Electrolux with complete control over their product video content and seamless placement on retailers' pages. The platform eliminates the need for manual checks and ensures timely video availability during product launches. 

All Electrolux needs to do is upload videos to the centralized platform, and Videoly takes care of the rest: 

✨ Ensuring relevant video content is automatically distributed to retailers' sites.

✨ Appearing at the ideal time and in the precise location for maximum impact.

3. Established stronger connection with target audience

Electrolux's incorporation of product videos not only drove sales but also established a stronger connection with their target audience. 

Videoly for Brands offers valuable data that help Electrolux understand consumer preferences and needs. 

The existing content has proven compelling, with consumers watching an average of 87% of Electrolux's product videos. But they also gained better insights in shaping the direction of future video content. 

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Leading US bike retailer Mike's Bikes

Mike's Bikes is a well-established bicycle retailer with multiple brick-and-mortar stores and a strong online presence. They offer a wide range of bicycles, accessories, and gear to cater to diverse customer needs. Known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Mike's Bikes strives to provide an exceptional shopping experience to cycling enthusiasts.

Mike's Bikes integrated product videos into their e-commerce strategy with the aim to: 

✨ Provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of each bicycle model

✨ Demonstrate the benefits and riding experience they offer.

These videos were strategically placed on product pages and utilized various angles, close-ups, and action shots to showcase the bicycles in action. 

But the challenge is staying on top of thousands of products and ensuring videos on these products are up-to-date. 

So, they turned to Videoly for relief.


The incorporation of product videos proved to be a game-changer for Mike's Bikes. The engaging and informative nature of the videos significantly enhanced the online shopping experience for customers. The results achieved through product videos were multi-fold:

1. Increased Add-to-Cart conversion rates

Videoly's implementation has resulted in a remarkable increase in add-to-cart (ATC) conversions for Mike's Bikes, particularly among video viewers. 

Comparing visitors who watched a video to those who didn't, desktop conversions to the shopping cart saw a substantial 415% increase. Mobile conversions, on the other hand, experienced a significant 403% boost. 

These statistics underscore videos' vital role in providing consumers with the necessary justification to make confident purchasing decisions.

2. Improved customer engagement

Since integrating Videoly, Mike's Bikes has experienced a notable enhancement in customer engagement on their website. 

Pages featuring Videoly's video player demonstrate a 33.5% lower exit rate and a 12.14% reduction in bounce rate compared to pages without videos. 

There is also evidence that customers enjoyed learning more about the products in-depth, with over 40% of viewers watching more than 80% of the video's length.

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Digital service provider AVB Marketing

AVB Marketing is a multi-tenant solution platform that supports independent retailers across North America. Specializing in the home appliance, furniture, TVs, and CTV sectors, AVB Marketing offers comprehensive business, marketing, and technology solutions to retailers. 

Recognizing the growing significance of videos in the digital landscape, AVB Marketing understands the importance of product videos in enhancing the online shopping experience. 

They create instructional and product-focused videos and source videos directly from manufacturers and suppliers. However, AVB Marketing faced challenges in handling product videos at scale, lacking an efficient distribution system that hindered scalability and created workflow issues.

Along came Videoly. 


1. Increased control and flexibility

Since adopting Videoly, AVB Marketing gained increased control and flexibility in promoting videos as an essential component of their services to their member network. 

They provided an engaging online shopping experience for their retailer customers, creating an immersive environment that enhanced conversion rates and drove sales. AVB Marketing facilitated connections between manufacturers and retailers, elevating their members' video strategy.

2. Scalable video marketing efforts

AVB Marketing’s members were satisfied with the convenience of accessing high-quality video content without the burden of video production. 

Videoly's analytics platform provided valuable insights, allowing AVB Marketing to: 

✨ Evaluate video performance

✨ Make data-driven decisions for future content creation

✨ Measure the effectiveness of their content creation efforts

Having Videoly as part of their offering enabled AVB Marketing scale up their video marketing efforts and position them as a best-in-class provider.

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Seven key learnings and takeaways

1. Product videos are a powerful tool in the e-commerce landscape. In today's highly visual and competitive digital environment, capturing the attention of online shoppers and driving conversions is challenging. However, product videos have emerged as a powerful tool to overcome these challenges. 

They provide a multi-dimensional and immersive experience that allows customers to visualize and understand the product's features, benefits, and usage.

2. Engaging storytelling and immersive visuals are crucial. Successful implementation of product videos involves more than simple demonstrations. 

Captivating storytelling and immersive visuals can create an emotional connection with the audience, enhancing the online shopping experience and driving customer engagement.

3. Product videos enhance customer understanding and confidence. Product videos allow customers to have a closer and more interactive view of the products, simulating the in-store experience. 

Businesses can address customer concerns, improve understanding, and boost confidence in purchasing decisions by showcasing the products' features, functionality, and design.

4. Increased engagement leads to higher conversion rates. Incorporating product videos in e-commerce strategies can significantly increase customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates. 

The visually appealing and informative nature of product videos captures customers' attention, encourages them to spend more time on websites, and ultimately increases the likelihood of making a purchase.

5. Product videos build trust and credibility. Transparent and authentic product videos that accurately represent the products can reduce misinterpretations and misunderstandings, leading to a reduction in product returns. 

Additionally, showcasing the features and benefits of the products through videos helps build trust and credibility with customers, positively impacting customer reviews, ratings, and brand reputation.

6. Video analytics provide valuable insights. Leveraging video analytics platforms helps businesses gather valuable insights into video performance and customer engagement. 

Metrics such as views, video length, add-to-cart conversions, and customer engagement help measure the effectiveness of video content and inform future content creation strategies.

7. Partnerships with video management platforms streamline operations. Collaborating with video management platforms like Videoly can revolutionize video management capabilities, making it easier to distribute product videos at scale. 

These partnerships offer efficient distribution systems, seamless uploading options, and access to high-quality video content to alleviate the burden of video production and enhance the overall online shopping experience.

Product videos are revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape

Product videos have emerged as a powerful solution for capturing the attention of online shoppers and driving conversions. Incorporating product videos in e-commerce strategies has proven to: 

✨ Enhance the online shopping experience

✨ Improve customer understanding and confidence

✨ Increase engagement and conversion rates

✨ Build trust and credibility

Success stories from companies like Electrolux, Mike's Bikes, AVB Marketing, and more demonstrate the tangible results achieved through strategic implementation of product videos.  

With exemplary storytelling, visuals, and partnerships, e-commerce businesses can leverage product videos to revolutionize the online shopping experience and thrive in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.

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