How a partnership with Videoly made AVB Marketing a best-in-class provider



1 200+
retail customers across
North America
1 300
videos distributed
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Videoly partner
Through Videoly, we enable our retail customers to create a modern shopping experience that enhances conversion rates and drives sales.
Michael Barnes
Ecomm & Special Project Catalog Manager,
AVB Marketing
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Innovative click-to-brick solutions

AVB Marketing
AVB Marketing, a multi-tenant solution platform, supports independent retailers specializing in home appliances, furniture, TVs, and CTVs throughout North America.

Offering comprehensive business, marketing, and technology solutions, their partnership with Videoly enables their members to leverage the power of product videos for their online stores at scale.

From scroll to wow: the importance
of product video

AVB Marketing has witnessed the growing significance of videos in today's digital landscape firsthand, having helped 1 200+ retail customers across North America with their online presence for years.
"Product videos play a vital role in enhancing the online shopping experience. They provide shoppers with a closer and more interactive view of products, simulating the in-store experience", says Michael Barnes, Ecomm & Special Project Catalog Manager at AVB Marketing.

The rise of social media platforms like TikTok and short clips has also ingrained video content into shoppers' daily lives. According to Michael, this has created a new generation that prefers quick and engaging videos for consuming information. "Catering to these changing needs is crucial especially in a competitive market where standing out and providing an excellent shopper experience is key."
Recognizing the importance of videos as a powerful commercial tool, AVB Marketing creates instructional and product-focused videos, as well as sources product videos directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

Getting rid of manual, non-scalable work

Previously, AVB Marketing faced significant challenges in handling their product videos at scale. The lack of an efficient distribution system made managing and embedding videos to their customer’s online stores a tedious and time-consuming process. Loading videos through a manual script hindered scalability beyond just a few dozen videos, creating a workflow nightmare.

The partnership with Videoly revolutionized AVB’s video management capabilities, allowing them to easily distribute product videos across their member network.
Videoly allows us to effectively meet the product video requirements of all our members. Besides distributing our own and manufacturers' videos, Videoly allows our members to upload their own video content or access the full Videoly for Retailers suite, which includes UGC sourcing and video curation.
Michael Barnes
Ecomm & Special Project Catalog Manager,
AVB Marketing

The new heart of AVB’s product
video ecosystem

With the adoption of Videoly, AVB Marketing has gained increased control and flexibility in promoting videos as an essential component of their services to their member network. AVB Marketing has not only elevated their members’ video strategy but also facilitated connections between manufacturers and retailers.

The main benefit emphasized by AVB Marketing is the ability to provide an engaging online shopping experience. "Through Videoly, we enable our retailer customers to create an immersive environment that enhances conversion rates and drives sales. And this is of course something the manufacturers appreciate as well."
The convenience of accessing high-quality video content without the burden of video production has been met with great satisfaction. "As one of our members put it: they’re happy they get the video content, but they’re even more happy they don't have to do it themselves."

Using video analytics to inform
marketing strategies

The availability of analytics on the Videoly platform provides invaluable insights for AVB Marketing. Metrics such as daily views, average video length, add-to-cart conversions, and customer engagement allow them to evaluate video performance, identify successful videos, and make informed decisions for future content creation.

"Our marketing team utilizes the video data to determine the direction for future videos and align their strategies accordingly. These statistics help us measure the effectiveness of our own content creation efforts and provide manufacturers with valuable information on how consumers engage with their videos", describes Michael.

Videoly propels AVB Marketing
as a best-in-class provider

The partnership has really helped AVB Marketing grow their offerings, and the good feedback from their members is proving this. Michael also mentions how much he likes Videoly's improved abilities and great customer service. "We're truly grateful for Videoly's ongoing commitment to providing a fantastic platform experience. This partnership has been really helpful and enjoyable."
Using Videoly as a part of our offering has allowed us to scale up our video marketing efforts and position AVB Marketing as a best-in-class provider.
Michael Barnes
Ecomm & Special Project Catalog Manager,
AVB Marketing
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