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The volume of videos we now have, achieved without any manual effort, is astounding. It's hard to imagine the amount of time it would have taken to reach this point on our own.
Toby Hyde
SEO Lead,

Equipping every builder’s need

Toolstation is one of Britain's fastest-growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies to the trade, home improvers and self-builders. Their extensive range includes over 25,000 products featuring everything from tools and plumbing supplies to sophisticated smart home products from top brands.

As a multi-channel retailer, Toolstation has established a firm presence in the UK market with over 550 stores nationwide. Additionally, they provide the convenience of online shopping via their extensive website, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience complemented by their mobile app and detailed catalog.

Charting a digital course to fuel growth

For some time now, Toolstation has been actively pursuing rapid growth in the digital market. Aiming for a revenue goal of one billion pounds by 2027, they have a clear understanding of how enhancing the digital experience for their customers is crucial to fuel this vision and growth.
In their ongoing efforts to refine digital channels, Toolstation has tapped into the potential of how-to and instructional video content, particularly for enhancing online search visibility. Toby Hyde, SEO Lead at Toolstation, shares, "We’ve observed that the highest-ranking pages in our sector often include video content, underscoring its value for SEO."

The role of video at Toolstation extends beyond just boosting website traffic. "Our aim is to provide best-in-class product information, and we’ve and we’ve long been aware that video is a key element in this as well," Toby continues.
However, producing and managing the volume of video required for their digital strategy posed a challenge for Toolstation's team in the past. "To achieve our goals efficiently, it's crucial to use our resources wisely and choose the right tools. Before we started using Videoly, we felt stuck in terms of what we can do with video content."

Enabling efficiency, testing,
and content creation

Partnering with Videoly has enabled Toolstation to fully harness the power of video on their product pages. The automated process of matching and embedding videos has proven to be immensely valuable.

Toby explains the considerable time investment that would be needed if Toolstation were to produce its own videos or embed videos from suppliers onto their pages at scale. "The volume of videos we now have on our product pages, achieved without any manual effort, is astounding. It's hard to imagine the amount of time it would have taken to reach this point on our own," he reflects.
Determining what works through experimentation is key for any digital business, Toby continues. As an example of their own approach to testing, the team was very quick at implementing the newly released Videoly Pages add-on that now allows Toolstation to use videos throughout their entire store, not just on product pages.

Toolstation's team appreciates Videoly's ease of use in their workflow. "Finding and embedding videos with Videoly is incredibly easy, just a click away. It has become central to our content workflow," shares Rhiannon Moore, Digital Content Writer at Toolstation.
The Videoly Pages add-on has enabled us to start building SEO-optimized ‘How-to content’ at scale – and it all slots seamlessly into our workflow. This test has yielded strong keyword rankings and increased traffic in just a few months. Videoly excels in this aspect, supporting experimentation through its simplicity and ease of use.
Toby Hyde
SEO Lead,

Videoly’s impact at Toolstation

Videoly has been vital in accelerating Toolstation's digital customer experience, enriching their product pages and other content to meet their growth targets. "Or let me put it this way: video as a content format has been crucial, but Videoly as a tool has been exceptionally important for us," Toby notes.
Echoing his sentiment, Rhiannon adds, "Managing video would be a huge task without Videoly. Now, we can embed a video on any page in seconds. Videoly removes the stress – it's brilliant."

Toolstation closely monitors metrics such as time spent on site and conversion rates to assess performance and evaluate their tests. The team also placed high value on customer feedback. "We take pride in listening to our customers, regularly conducting surveys and gathering input about the helpfulness of our content. This approach ensures that we stay attuned to our customers' needs and preferences."

Crafting a future of possibilities
with Videoly

Toolstation's team is already planning their next steps. "We're exploring the idea of product bundles that align with our how-to content," Toby shares. "By featuring the tools used in these videos, we can simplify the purchasing process."

This method of highlighting top recommended products for specific tasks ensures that customers have access to everything they need to complete their projects efficiently.

In discussing future strategies, Toby also points out user generated content (UGC) as a key area of interest. "UGC, which includes customer reviews, unboxings, and customer-led how-tos, is growing in importance. We're planning to use Videoly more effectively to harness this trend. This kind of content doesn't just build trust; it genuinely enhances buyer confidence," he explains.

As Toolstation looks ahead to exciting new projects, the role of Videoly as an enabling partner is undeniable. "Everyone at Videoly has been incredibly helpful, always ready to address our queries and issues. What makes working with them stand out is their proactive nature," Toby reflects on the partnership.
For any business, having a partner like Videoly, who is always keen to assist, flexible, and attuned to our needs, is invaluable. My experience with the team has been nothing but positive; it's always been a seamless collaboration.
Toby Hyde
SEO Lead,
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