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How Mike's Bikes geared up customer engagement through Videoly


Mike's Bikes & Videoly
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Mike's Bikes

Founded in 1964, Mike's Bikes is the largest independent bike retailer in the US. With twelve stores across California and a host of customer excellence awards, Mike's Bikes' total focus on cycling means they embody their mission – to get more people on bikes.


One solution, thousands of videos. The market-leading video management technology for online retailers, enabling automatically embedded, hand-picked product videos to connect seamlessly to online stores. Nobody else makes getting product videos this easy.


How to get more product videos, more efficiently?

Mike's Bikes knew product videos are a must‑have for e‑commerce. The rich product information, the high customer engagement rates, and the increased ability to keep customers on‑site are just a few of the benefits that come with great video content.

For sporting goods in general, and particularly for a specialized market like cycling, there's simply no replacement for product video. It's the best way for online customers to see how a product moves and get a clear understanding of technical features.

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The problem for Mike's Bikes? How could a small team add thousands of videos, embed them directly to product pages, and make sure there were no broken links and that everything was up‑to‑date? Staying on top of all this could mean a significant amount of person‑hours each week.

What Mike's Bikes needed was a one‑stop solution. One that would take care of everything automatically.

Eric Lucan. Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes

"With thousands of products on our site, it was getting hard to manage. Now we have more products with videos, and more products with multiple videos. Before installing Videoly, it took a lot of manual work just to associate one video with one product."

Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes


One system, thousands of product videos – no dev work required

Within one month of installing Videoly, over 1 700 product videos were added to Mike's Bikes online store. All without any manual work whatsoever.

Within one month of installing Videoly:

1 385
1.4 K
Products covered by video
1 782
1.8 K
Videos added
17 865
17.9 K
Video views
Eric Lucan. Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes

"There was a whole untapped market of third-party videos – professional bike reviewers or other product videos that aren't produced by the vendors themselves. Videoly ensures we procure all of that content."

Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes

What Videoly brings

Finding the videos
Content curation
Technical embedding
No broken
Insightful analytics

Seamless integration with Shopify

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Eric Lucan. Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes
Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer,
Mike's Bikes

"Another thing we really liked about Videoly is that we can continue to use Shopify, the system that we know. With Videoly, we can still utilize the Shopify backend, we don't have to go over to another platform. Videoly is a very streamlined integration that works perfectly for our experience."

Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes


Videos keep customers clicking add‑to‑cart

Since installing Videoly, Mike's Bikes has seen a significant boost to ATC conversions (when comparing visitors who watched a video to those that didn't). On desktop, conversion to shopping cart was 415% higher for those who watched a video, and on mobile the increase was 403%. These figures underline the essential role videos play in justifying consumers' purchasing decisions.

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The biggest benefits
Mike's Bikes & Videoly

Managing video content has never been easier. Simple to install, plug and play solution; fully automated; zero manual work required from Mike's Bikes

Boosts to time spent on site, video views, and mobile and desktop conversions

Replicates the in‑store experience online by giving customers enriched information and the ability to see how products look in action


Automatically embedded videos increase customer engagement

Customer engagement for Mike's Bikes site has improved significantly since installing Videoly. Product pages with Videoly's video player have a 33.5% lower exit rate compared to pages without. And the same goes for bounce rate – pages with product videos saw a 12.14% reduction.

It seems customers have enjoyed the chance to learn about products in comprehensive detail as over 40% of viewers watched more than 80% of a video's length.

Eric Lucan. Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes

"What's most impressive for me is that many of our products have two or three rich content videos. And I didn't even have to think about getting them. It just happened behind the scenes thanks to Videoly."

Eric Lucan
Chief Marketing Officer, Mike's Bikes

Ready for your conversions to hit full speed ahead?

Automagically added videos are the way for your conversions to put the pedal to the metal. Want to know how many product videos Videoly can seamlessly connect to your store? Scan your store and discover the answer (it's free, super easy and takes only a few minutes).


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