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Our experience with Videoly has been excellent. The platform is hands-off, providing us with great video coverage, and we've observed a notable increase in our conversion rate.
Michael Rorquist
IT & Ecommerce Manager
Construction-Fasteners & Tools

The Swiss knife of Canadian tool retailers

Construction Fasteners and Tools
Construction Fasteners and Tools has been a reliable partner to skilled tradespeople and DIY home renovation enthusiasts since 2001.

The company's mission is to consistently exceed customer expectations. They achieve this by dedicating themselves to delivering excellent service, fair pricing, and an extensive selection of quality products from over a hundred leading manufacturers and brands.

Looking to boost business goals with video

Believing strongly that customer service is paramount in their business, Construction Fasteners and Tools was looking for ways to integrate videos into their online store as a part of improving customer engagement.
Michael Rorquist, IT & E-commerce manager, emphasizes the effectiveness of product videos. “Going beyond static images and descriptions, qualitative videos allow potential buyers to see the product in action, grasp its features, and visualize how it will fulfill their needs.”

The team was also looking to boost conversions and create upsell opportunities through videos.

“Improved product information aids customers in making informed decisions, thereby enhancing conversions. Videos are also effective for showcasing complementary products, accessories, or upgrades, contributing to upsell opportunities and increasing our average order value,” Michael continues.
The team's video-centric approach not only impacts their customers, but also brings significant benefits to their suppliers. By sharing compelling and informative videos across their various channels, Construction Fasteners and Tools aim to enhance brand awareness, benefiting both our brand and that of our suppliers.

"As customers become more acquainted with our products through engaging video content, our brand gains prominence in the market. This heightened awareness is also advantageous for our suppliers, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that strengthens brand equity and market presence for both parties involved", Michael sums up.

Using the full Videoly suite

Boost customer engagement
For Construction Fasteners and Tools, videos serve as valuable content during the decision-making process, addressing common concerns and providing a visual representation of product benefits for their customers.
Improve the shopper experience
By adding curated and product demonstration videos to their store, Construction Fasteners and Tools offer their customers a more immersive and informative experience, that not only captivates but also improves customer commitment.
Increase sales and upsell opportunities
As customers are more likely to make informed purchase decisions when equipped with comprehensive product information, videos are a great way to increase both sales and upsell opportunities.
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Off to a flying start with Videoly

Before Videoly, Construction Fasteners & Tools grappled with the daily influx of new products on their website, making manual curation impractical and time-consuming. "Before we brought in Videoly,' Michael explains, "We dealt with issues regarding our video workflow, particularly the substantial time investment required to curate compelling content for our extensive product range."

The team selected Videoly for multiple reasons: it was easy to install, works seamlessly with their existing ecommerce site, and boasts a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate.

Construction-Fasteners & Tools have been very happy with the results achieved just within the first few months. “Our experience with Videoly has been excellent. The platform is hands-off, providing us with great video coverage, and we've observed a notable increase in our conversion rate”, Michael celebrates. “We cannot wait to see where this collaboration will take us in the future!”
We chose Videoly as our partner for multiple reasons. Its easy installation seamlessly integrates with our ecommerce site. Moreover, it features a user-friendly interface that’s easy to both use and learn.
Michael Rorquist
IT & Ecommerce Manager
Construction-Fasteners & Tools
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