Product videos made easy

The simplest way to get product videos to your online store. Videoly finds, curates, and automatically embeds the videos your online store needs.

Achieve high video coverage without manual effort

Automated embedding

Videos flow automatically to your online store — on average, we'll cover 30% of your products with video. The right videos are matched to the right products based on product information we read from your product page.

UGC and brand videos

The videos come from YouTube and directly from brands. All videos are hand-picked and validated by humans — including user-generated content. Our experienced curation team watches every single product video and we only use content that is legally allowed for embedding.

No effort, full control

Even though the service is fully automatic, in our customer interface MyVideoly you can also add and remove videos yourself. This way you always have full control over the videos on your site.

Insightful analytics

Get rich data on how videos are watched in your store and discover the positive impact on add-to-cart conversion. Measure increased time spent on site among your consumers, and gain a significant boost to your product pages’ SEO.

Key product features

Perfect video placement

Our video widget can be flexibly placed anywhere on your product page and is fully optimized for mobile. Navigating between videos is easy.

Video genres visible

All videos are labeled by our curation team. Genre labels are visible to consumers in the video thumbnail, helping your audience to find the most relevant video for them.

No broken video links

Never see empty video windows on your site due to broken video links. Our technology always checks whether the video is available and prevents broken links from displaying.

MyVideoly is simple and beautiful

Our customer tool MyVideoly lets you manage your video content, easily add and remove videos yourself, and tweak videos’ appearance on your site. You can also view analytics on video performance and their effect on sales.

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Tailored to meet your industry needs


When buying technical products, it’s important for consumers to understand product features and specifications. They’re keen to see reviews, unboxings, how-to videos, and product presentations. No-one has time to read long product descriptions or user manuals these days — videos are the best way to get the information to the buyer.

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Beautiful pictures of the bottle are not enough, consumers want to see the effect the product has, and how-to videos packed with product tips. Beauty consumers are avid video watchers and it’s important for them to see reviews and comparisons on the products they are considering. For beauty products, videos are a must.

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Sports & Outdoor

There’s nothing like seeing a sports product in action. It’s important to paint the picture of the experience because this is what the consumer is ultimately buying. Videos are the best online substitute for a physical salesperson. Think of exercise products or tents. Consumers will likely have many questions. Is assembly easy? What are the features? Video answers all these concerns in a way no other medium can.

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Tools & Garden

Power drills, cutting tools, mowers, trimmers. To really showcase what these products do, you need video. Consumers want to show the product in action, operating in the field, working on different surfaces. Also, how-to videos and comparison videos are popular, and product videos cover the constantly rotating range of new models, ensuring your product pages remain relevant and up-to-date.

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Toys & Baby Products

The variety of baby products can be bewildering to new parents. They have no idea what to take into account when comparing car seats, for example. Videos help them make informed decisions. And for toys, if you don’t have kids the same age, it can be hard to know what’s hot and what’s not. Videos from child vloggers give you insight into the child’s perspective.

Installing Videoly takes just 5 minutes

A simple copy-paste

Installing Videoly is like a dream. You copy and paste a JavaScript tag. Once. And that’s all you ever need to do. The tag reads the product information from the pages, and with this information we’re able to connect the right videos to the right products in your online store.

I installed Videoly all by myself, which is unusual — many times there’s a need for an army of web developers.

Hampus Gunnarson SEO & SEM Specialist,

Videoly works seamlessly with all platforms

We are fully compatible with all platforms with an extremely easy integration. Whether you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento or a customized solution, we’ve got you covered!

Pricing that scales with your business

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A dynamic monthly fee based on the amount of content connected to your store. Affordable and suitable for all, from small online shops to large retailers.

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How many videos can Videoly find for your store?

Wondering how much video content Videoly can connect to your online store? Scan your shop (it’s super easy) and discover the answer!

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Why product videos?

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Why you need video on your product pages

Videos breathe life to your products. Videos on product pages make visitors more likely to buy the product. Product videos have a positive impact on conversion and time spent on site.

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Let’s create a success story together

We find the videos you need. And we get them to where they matter. All product videos: UGC content, brand videos — we’ve got you covered.

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